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Ascari was established in 2005 and has since earned a reputation for providing high quality, effective advice to clients.  




We are highly experienced in the public sector at local and central government levels. We understand its drivers, constraints and processes and how it all fits together. We are dedicated to helping organisations achieve great things for their communities and their environment. Our strength lies in an ability to cut to the core of issues and to distill complex data into clear, concise reports that support good decision making.  
Our proactive advice to clients comes from incisive thinking that is solidly grounded in research. We lead discussion and debate on new approaches. Because we work with many agencies, Ascari can provide cohesion and linkages in what is often a fragmented sector. This means we are often better placed to see the bigger picture and the implications of issues and initiatives.  




We integrate seamlessly with our clients to provide effective solutions. We place a premium on building long-term professional relationships and being as close to your organisation as we can be without losing our objectivity. We take the time to understand your business, your people, your possibilities, and the parameters within which you must work.  
We don’t just take a brief, go away, produce a report and thump it on your desk. We pool the expertise in your organisation with that at Ascari, working together to find solutions that are informed and practical. This collaborative approach ensures we are on the right track; further it helps build knowledge within your organisation.   
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